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Personal Growth

Like many, the transition from teenager to adulthood was not an easy one for me. I went to a university out of state right after graduation, panicked and came home all within the first semester. It was all so daunting deciding what you were going to do for the rest of your life, and I honestly had no idea. I have grown up with many passions and interests, so no singular path was standing out to me.


I decided to take a break from my education and focus on work. My first few jobs were just about trying to make ends meet, working retail waiting tables. This was whereI learned how to talk to all types of people, how to work long hours and how to push through when things get exhausting. I then took a job as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic. One of my passions has always been animals, so I wanted to see what the industry of veterinary medicine was really like day in and day out. I loved it, I loved talking to clients, seeing the animals, and learning how to do administrative duties but eventually had to leave to find a job that offered more benefits.


After 3 years at the clinic, an acquaintance of mine recommended me to a law firm for a case management position. I did that for about a year, and though I did well there I did not enjoy the work and I was able to officially cross Personal Injury Law off of my dream careers list. I was, however, able to refine my administrative skills, learn how to handle extensive workloads, and continue my education in the art of working with clients. Near the end of my time at the law firm I couldn’t shake the feeling of missing working in the pet industry, so I decided to see what the retail side of the industry was like and took a job as a sales associate for a natural and holistic pet food company. During the time I worked there I very much enjoyed it, but I knew this was not a career path for myself.


My next move was taking a job as an administrative analyst for one of the local hospitals and medical universities. This was also when I decided that I needed to finish my undergraduate degree. I decided that I could handle working full time and going to school full time, and after a rocky start I found my groove. Then COVID-19 arrived in the United States. Working at a hospital, the hours became long and the workload was doubled or sometimes tripled. Keeping up with my studies became extremely challenging. I finished my first semester back with decent grades, but I knew then that this was not going to work in the long term. I found a job as a receptionist at another vet clinic, but this time the benefits were much better. This is my current employer and I am very happy working here and continuing to finish my studies.


As you can see, a one semester break became several years and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I learned how to be an adult, pay my own bills, stand on my own two feet, but most importantly I gained valuable experience in so many different industries that I feel like I am prepared to handle almost anything. I have worked with and for people from all walks of life, I have performed under all kinds of situations, and I am ready for whatever life and my career throws at me next.


Animals are my biggest passion, and I hope I get to do something that positively effects animal welfare. If you are curious about animals like myself, please take a moment to visit one of my favorite Youtube channels Hope for Paws, I’ve added my favorite video from their channel below, take a look!