Apple’s Notes application may not be leading the charts among productivity applications, however seeing that it is an extension of one’s Mac onto their plethora of Apple mobile devices, it does so seamlessly. Intuitively as the name speaks it allows one to create notes in a variety of ways.  The Notes app is certainly underrated in my opinion, especially when I go the App Store to see no ratings listed for the app. Whomever the developer is at Apple who created Notes, they went to great lengths to ensure that all “i” s are dotted and all “t” s are crossed.

Anyone with the application can create a note manually just they would type a text/iMessage, they could also ask Siri to start a note, create a checklist in Notes, format in Notes, add attachments, photos, and videos, and now they can sketch in Notes (Apple Inc., 2018). There is much more, in Notes, one can back up their notes in iCloud, scan documents to notes, share notes with others, and delete or pin a note (Apple Inc., 2018). It was created for audiences as young as 4 years old and beyond. Look at a few screenshots from Apple’s website on Notes:

Figure 1. Create a checklist or Format a note

Figure 2. Add an attachment/photo/video

Figure 3. Sketch a note

Having been a user of the Notes apps for some time now, I may be a little bias, but after putting on my ID hat or from an accessibility vantage point, the app is really decent. It is intuitive in design, it more inclusive than its past versions with today’s version having so many other features combined into the app like audio, photos, and video capability, as well as the ability, incorporate various file types as attachments. In my eyes, the limitations are bound by the skillsets of the user. If I had one major limitation of the app, it would be the limits of formatting in Notes, but this would be nitpicking at best.

As for educational value, if utilized appropriately, Good notes could be taken with the app during lectures, basically a notebook at your fingertips. The educational value for this app is in its note-taking capabilities. As mention, notes at your fingertips, it’s mobile, so for that reason alone it has value compare to other mlearning technologies of today. People could learn using this app that old tricks die hard, this would be referring to the old school note-taking methods. There aren’t any learning theories embodied within this app that comes to mind.

We’ve discussed this app from an introductory vantage point, review its capabilities and features. We examined it as an education tool and as also as a simple productivity tool. We also rated its design and accessibility features. Overall, I see the application as an intuitively designed application that can be used for everyday use as well as a tool for more traditional students in our mobile society.


Apple Inc. (2018). Use Notes on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Retrieved from Apple: